Monday, April 22, 2013

Mirror, mirror...

I have a beautiful family, amazing friends, a lovely circle of creative types and I work with very intelligent and dynamic colleagues. This enriches my life in many ways. In fact, I find that I have a great life. I work in what I love and I have a great lifestyle. However, I do have in my life some difficult people I have to relate to, and others that I simply don't understand. Then there are some areas that I still struggle with. I meditated on this considering that we attract what we are. Oh boy. The areas and the people I struggle with are quite frustrating, even hurtful. What does that make me?

The law of attraction explains that we attract everything, obstacles and all, not according to what we want, but according to who we are. Then there's the law of reflection which explains that everything around you is you. We reflect back to ourselves. Once we realize this, we become more self-aware.

If we look around us and we see that which we enjoy and appreciate we can can continue to offer that part of us to the Universe. Yet if we find ourselves in situations we don't like or dealing with people who are difficult, then we have work to do. Once we start working on those areas that are being reflected back to us that are not what we wish for, we can attract better situations and relationships into our life. First, we reflect, then we attract.

To change our reflection, we have to work from the inside out. It is inner change that we need. If we are reflecting doubt, fear, insecurity or anxiety then we have to look at what we are rooting our faith in–is it outside sources? Then we should root ourselves in our intrinsic worth. If what we are reflecting is stress, then we should take steps to reduce it by meditating, exercising and rethinking the activities we have decided to take on. If we are reflecting toxic and negative behavior, then we should work on releasing anger and frustration. If we are reflecting lack, then we should reconsider our beliefs about abundance and be more generous. Whatever we see in the mirror of our life is what we are. If we want to improve on that or change it, then we should do what it takes to change it.

There are three things we can do regarding what we see reflected in the mirror of our experience. We can accept it, we can fix it or we can walk away from it. Today is a good day to make that decision and be happy with what we see in our mirror.

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