Tuesday, April 23, 2013

High on purpose

At five in the morning, taking a cold shower is no fun. I had such a shower this morning. It wasn't really five. It should have been, but I woke up late. I didn't get to meditate...or do yoga. My morning started in a frenzy. I don't work that way. I don't play well with others either when I step on the day with the wrong foot.

My first meeting of the day was off my normal route. I got lost. My mood was definitely not improving. Fine. I got it. Pouting was getting me nowhere, at least not where I needed to be. After driving around in the wrong direction, I stopped at a red light and saw where I was sitting–on this beautiful hill in a city I have only visited once, recently, in the last twenty years. The view was spectacular. What a gift. The sun was shining over the city and between me and the valley below, there draped the most beautiful vegetation. Ok. I let go of my frustration and I found my way.

I got to my meeting just in time. A few minutes earlier I was tempted to cancel. I was tempted to think that getting up late, having no hot water, breaking my routine and getting lost was a sign that this meeting was not supposed to happen. I was wrong. All of these obstacles opened me up to uncertainty. Had everything gone as I had planned it, I would have had a set outcome in mind. Yet now I was open to ideas and creative birthing of solutions. We had an amazing brainstorming session. Inspired, we hopped spontaneously into our cars following a hunch, drove to and walked unannounced into the office of one of the hottest movers and shakers around. He graciously and generously received us, mentored us, directed us and has committed to continue to work with us. It was magic, the sort of synchronicity I have become used to.

My colleague and I started our meeting by becoming clear on what we wanted to accomplish and what our roles were in relation to the goal, to those we work with and to each other. Harnessing the power of our purpose, we worked it. The paths became clear. The resources appeared. We are serving our purpose. We got high on it.

Today is a good day to clarify your purpose. This may take more than one try, on more than one day. Try nonetheless. Once your answer is clear, stay on track. Happiness unfolds when you are where you need to be and do what you are called to do. The Universe fulfills your needs as you fulfill your purpose.

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