Sunday, April 28, 2013

Act your part

You know who you are. Right? You know what you want, what you like, how you feel in any given situation, what you think about specific things. Then, why do you act according to others? You either go along with others' plans or you continually defend yourself to others.

You are not alone in this. Many people feel that, in order to keep the peace, they shouldn't rock the boat. They agree outwardly with others following a different path than the one they would prefer–career paths, college plans, marriage, sexual preference, whether or not to have children. Then there are others who anticipate the difference of opinion and are always trying to prove themselves, defending themselves or constantly resisting authority. Either way of acting is fear-based and forgetful of our intrinsic value and purpose.

Today is a good day to act according to your life's path. Do not wait for others to tell you what to say, do, feel, believe or think. Act as the unique being you are–you have a calling and a purpose. Don't explain or defend yourself. Act your part. Act as yourself...

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