Thursday, April 11, 2013

The wrong answer

I thought I understood. I was getting answers to my questions, signs and messages too. But something was not right. Things were going in a different direction. My body felt the tension and things became difficult, confusing, hurtful even...for everyone involved. But I was going with the flow! I was going with the wrong flow.

I was meditating, keeping in harmony and giving all I know to give while asking Spirit for answers. The problem was I was asking the wrong question and so getting the wrong answer. I am not alone.

I had lunch today with three particularly intelligent and beautiful women at a lovely restaurant. I sat and listened...and observed the scene. Here we are, smart, attractive, sensible, accomplished women with the blessing of being able to gather for a two-hour business lunch on the touristy side of town. Between the laughs and the banter I gathered that we all had the same grievances. It was then that it hit me: we are all asking the same questions, the wrong questions.

I couldn't wait to get home tonight. I knew what I had to do. I needed some quiet time to ask the right question. Do you know the right question to ask? I don't. So I asked Spirit for one thing: may I know what I need to know. I feel peace already settling around me. I am confident that the right information, answers, signs and messages will appear.

Today is a good day to let go of what we think we need to know and ask for what we need to know...and then wait for the right answer to appear.

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