Sunday, April 14, 2013

Light and love

Light and love. This is what I pray for every morning. I pray this first for those who I know are going through a difficult time, then for those who I don't understand, love or even like and those who feel the same way towards me. I then ask the same for my family, my friends and other loved ones. Of course, I pray this for myself.

I am a very visual person and I came to understand the vision of love through a painted scene. Total darkness can exist. Yet even the smallest particle of light negates the darkness. What you see, what your eyes are drawn to, is that speck of light. In my darkest moments, my eyes are drawn to specks of love–the smiles, the unexpected call from a friend, the gentleness of family members, laughing out loud, the warmth of a hug, the inspiration to write...

Light and love carry me through. In the middle of a busy day, when frustration threatens, I focus on the light. In the middle of difficult times, I focus on the light until the darkness dissipates. We have that choice–to focus on the light, on what is possible, what is good in our lives, what we can offer others, what makes us happy, what interests us...rather than what is difficult, what is not working out, what takes away our inspiration to breathe and create.

Today is a good day to shift our focus from confusion, anger, sadness, and anticipation to a simple visual concept of light. The word itself–light–conjures up a feeling of weightlessness, grace and tender brightness. Let that feeling take grows, it heals, it lightens up the dark.

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