Monday, April 29, 2013

In your head...

We say we want peace, that we don't want any trouble. Yet we fill our mind with imaginary scenarios of an argument with another person. We imagine what someone will say to us as we walk in the door and we plan our comeback reply. It's a tennis match in our head. She'll say this. Well then, I'll say that. Then she'll say this and I will just tell her that! I'm tired already just thinking about it. It's exhausting. We waste energy on something that is not even happening.

We cannot have thoughts of peace and thoughts of conflict at the same time. If we have our mind busy with thoughts of disharmony, that is what we will come with and that is what we will receive. How about we come in empty? We don't imagine a reception. We busy ourselves with whatever is happening at the moment. This could change any conflict that might have been. It will also elicit a more honest response with whatever reception you get from the other person. If the greeting you get is contentious, you will be more apt to respond in a peaceful way and to change the outcome.

Today is a good day to put your imagination to good use. Do not occupy it with thoughts of an argument that may or may not happen. Instead, think thoughts of peace. Let go of conflict. It's in your head.

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