Friday, April 19, 2013

Message in a bottle

It's Friday. The day started off for me. For a few days I have been feeling someone else's sadness. It's a bond I haven't been able to break. I have diverted my attention, focused on my writing, my relationships, my goals, but I keep coming back to thoughts, melancholy and frustration that are not mine. It's an intimate psychic bond that permeates my waking hours and my dreams.

Early this morning I went to a bookstore/coffee house on the other side of town. I wanted to write, quietly and in an anonymous corner for a while. I wanted to feel well and concentrate on what I have going on in my life–all good things. I got my wish. I got more than my wish. In my quiet corner, a man who was staring at me while I wrote, interrupted me to give me a poetry book. Read the marked poem, he said. That was all he said. It was beauty. It was a gift.

A while after, one of my closest friends met with me. Shortly after, my friend and owner of the bookstore joined us. This is a gift in meet with people you love and respect to talk–current events, literature, arts, politics. Yet I got more than that. I got a small bottle of perfume. Another gift. The smell is delicious. As I sprayed it over the perfume I had already put on earlier today–how else do you appreciate perfume?–all the sadness I was carrying lifted. As I released the new smell into the air and onto my skin, I realized that I too must release that which I unconsciously carry that doesn't serve me or those I love.

The message that I received with this bottle is that our love is action, it must act like love. The sadness I have been carrying belongs to someone else. I can't change it. I can't help it. I can't carry it. Our friendship has been interrupted by time, space and fear with only a supernatural link and no reciprocity. It will fizzle under the absence of love in action. The message is that I must be love, act like love and release. Breaking the bond will help us move on. Breaking the bond is my act of love.

Today is a good day to release, with love and into Spirit's light, those who you can no longer love in action. More importantly, today is a good day to release, with love and into Spirit's light, those who can't, don't or won't love you in action. Spirit will bless your efforts and carry you through, helping you channel your love where it can make a difference, where it is needed. Start with a fearless willingness to release and let love take over. That's the message in the bottle...

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