Thursday, April 18, 2013


Two days ago I was stuck in traffic for two hours. It was the end of the day, it was raining and it was tax day.

Because of my flexible work schedule and ability to work wherever, I am hardly ever stuck in traffic. I can bypass the most congested areas and times of the day. Being stuck in traffic sucked. Fortunately I had fantastic company in the car, excellent music and conversation. We were stuck in traffic right around the corner from one of my favorite restaurants so we seized the opportunity and stopped for an amazing dinner. Over mediterranean food and red wine we went back to the topic of the traffic jam. The city was gridlocked. The city was gridlocked and drivers refused to budge. Gridlocking was their exercise, their statement, their element of control.

We do that in other areas of our lives too. We gridlock. We refuse to cooperate with ourselves, each other and circumstances. Nothing and no one moves. We come to a point where we are so tired, so uninspired, where we feel we've had enough that we decide not to collaborate. We decide we will have our say, we decide we will decide whether it is right, wrong or indifferent. Do you ever feel that way? I have. I did. For years.

Where are you stuck in life? Is it work? Is it a dream or a goal? Is it your relationship? I dare you to move. Move sideways, out of the way, behind, forward...just move. Move and inch and allow something to happen, someone to help, someone else to be right. Allow the air to circulate with new ideas, new hope and a new path.

A few years ago I budged. I released my grip on my idea of a marriage and a life path. My move began with moments of silence. In those moments of silence I softened. Spirit led me. Letting go of my ways, my ideas and old beliefs released the gridlock and the road became clear. Today my path is still clear. The Universe constantly reminds me that I have a choice to love all as it is, as they are...that I can cooperate with others on their journey. Today is a good day to move, even a tad, to help free the traps we have locked ourselves into.

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