Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yesterday our internet went down. We spent the day waiting for it to return. It didn't. We spent all day disconnected from the World Wide Web. I am so used to having immediate access to information that I felt lost. My day was aimless. I didn't produce a thing. It didn't have to be that way. I am a writer after all. I could have written all day without the distractions that being continuously connected to the internet brings. I missed the blessing, but I digress...

I realize that my disconnection from my True Self was what was making me feel lost and not my disconnection from the internet. And so it is for many of us. We forget that we are always gifted, always talented, always skilled. We always know what we know, but we disconnect from our own inner web of knowing.

It turns out that the cable that connects our modem to the internet was loose and fell, vanishing in the tangle of cables behind the desk. It didn't matter how many times I clicked reset on the modem, there was not going to be a connection to the internet because there was no connection to the source of the internet, which is, precisely, what we do. We disconnect from the source of our origin, our talents and our purpose and we blame, we search, we throw tantrums, we become dissatisfied, we stumble aimlessly, we don't do what we want to do, we don't fulfill our purpose.

If we can remember who we are, we can stay who we are...we can do, produce, create, perform, write, design, paint, build, contribute. We lose focus because we look for clarity and direction outside of us, when it is inside that we connect to the source, to the truth of who we are.

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