Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have a dear notebook. In it I write thoughts, lessons, research and poetry. It comes with me almost everywhere I go. It is my workbook. Today, there's no more space in it. I have used every page, every line in it. I have used every verse I've written and published every blog entry researched and planned in it. I have meditated on every random thought I've scribbled through its pages. I have to let it go. Once full, once bloomed, once it has served its purpose, it weighs me down, it stunts my growth, it hinders my ability to create and to receive inspiration. Such is life.

Once a fern has overgrown its pot, a relationship has reached its shore, a job has Peter Principled, and an idea has run its course, it is time to let go and to move on. We tend to hold on to what we know, what is comfortable, what we feel carries less risk. Yet holding on does not allow us to receive with open arms, staying comfortable keeps us stuck in old patterns and by not risking we don't gain the richness of life.

I have to release my fully-used notebook and open up a new one. In it, I will write new thoughts, new lessons, new verses and research new ideas. Today is a good day for you to let go and move on too. Whatever you've maxed out, whatever you've overgrown–let it go. Use those experiences to move on. Let go and open up to receive. The Universe is waiting for you to say, with faithful action, I am ready.

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