Saturday, March 16, 2013

Monsters in the dark

What scares you? Ask yourself that question. Go beyond heights, spiders and plane crashes. Go really deep. What scares you? What monsters hide in the dark for you? 

Whatever you are afraid of, shine a light on it. Bring it out. Face it head on. Let it bother you. Let it create more questions for you. It is only by facing what we don't understand that we will reach understanding. It is only by recognizing the changes we must make that we are able to make those changes. 

I realize that we may not want to shine a light on our monsters because what we must do, the path we must take may be difficult and may create new fears–fear of what we don't know, of failure, of regret, of loneliness, of being hurt. Shining a light is difficult, too, because it is accepting what we have long denied. It means that we must not only learn our lessons, we must practice them. 

Shining a light on the monsters in the dark ultimately scares them away. It is not an easy process, nor is it quick. Yet it is survivable. Go within where the monsters hide, where the truth hides with them, where Spirit listens and awaits with courage, direction, love, help, strength, answers and clarity. Let the truth burn brighter than the fears and scare those monsters away. 

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  1. Darkness is not a place you go. Sometimes is the place that you live in.