Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Waking. I am waking up. I am waking up in more than a literal sense. I am waking up this morning to new realizations, to a new sense of purpose, to truth, to awareness, to the path lighted before me. I am waking up because I am offering no resistance. It is all in the way I woke up from my sleep. 

The way we wake in the morning sets the tone for the rest of our day. If we wake up frantic, moody, fearful and pessimistic, we will experience a day in which we vibrate to those thoughts. Yet we have been conditioned to start our mornings racing–racing thoughts, racing against the clock, racing against each other, racing against ourselves. We begin each day either mulling over yesterday or worried about tomorrow. We don't begin the day with our mind in the moment. We turn on the bright lights in our rooms, we turn on the news, we tune into what others do in common hours. No wonder we are stressed. 

There is another way to begin your day–quietly and thankfully. Upon opening your eyes, smile and slowly breathe a breath of a new day. Be thankful for the rest you had, for the morning, for this new opportunity. Take your time in silence–a few minutes will do, to connect to Spirit. You don't have to say anything. Just consciously sit in silence for a few minutes offering no resistance, offering your willingness to be. Form thoughts of harmony and bless those you love...and those you don't, everyone you will encounter today and every situation you will find yourself in. Ask for guidance. The Universe wants harmony. It never forces our wills, but it responds lovingly to our willingness to be of service, to be love, to be a friend, to be a neighbor, to be a lover, to be a parent, to be a good citizen, to fulfill our purpose, to be peace. 

Today is a good day to start your day again. Take a moment to reconnect. Wake up to more than a new day, wake up to a new life...a life in which you truly feel awake. 

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