Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little annoyances...

I drove for many miles behind a car that had it's right turn signal on–regardless of which direction the car was going–right, left or indifferent. I was annoyed. How can a person drive a car for miles and miles and not realize that it has the right turn signal on?

Life's too complicated for us to be really bothered by something like this. But we do get bothered by simple things that we don't understand. It turns out that the car had a malfunctioning light. I was annoyed, but the driver was on the verge of losing his mind. We crossed paths again at a gas station. We started talking at the cash register and he mentioned that his new car had a defect. He went from being neglectful and mediocre in my mind to I'm so glad it's not me and I hope this is fixed quickly for him. 

This is a simple example to point out that until we understand, we judge harshly. Today is a good day to leave all judgment aside, especially with small issues, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Choose to think kindly and give importance to the important issues of life. Next time you are annoyed by your tone-deaf coworker who is singing too loud, the three-year-old who won't stop crying at the supermarket or the teenager who is walking too slow in front of you, stop, smile and choose a kind thought. You will not change the circumstances, but you will change the way you feel and emit the right kind of energy.

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