Sunday, March 17, 2013

The process...

While we wait for new habits to form, to get used to new routines, to know what to do with someone's absence, for the answers to appear, to know what path to take, for the courage to decide, for the newborn to sleep through the night, for changes to take place or to overcome sadness, we sometimes forget the process. We meet discouragement, impatience, fear and make snap decisions that can take us a few steps back or in a different direction altogether.

When in times of transition, of uncertainty, of doubt and apprehension, it behooves us to remember that we are going through a process, that what we feel in any particular moment is a just feeling and that we have the power to think a different thought. Choose a thought that puts your situation in perspective. Think of the process. Know that this moment is just this will not last forever. Don't make decisions based on the feeling you are having right now.

In meditation I have learned that the process is just as important as the cause and the effect, sometimes even more important. It is in the process that I have learned to get along, to be patient, to understand, to know myself, to wait, to enjoy the moment, to listen, to ask, to see what's there. When I am tempted to make a decision that can alter the course of events, I remind myself of the process, take a breath (or two), smile and ask Spirit for strength and guidance. The moment always passes and I emerge grounded in the knowledge that there is a reason behind the moment and the process.

Today is a good day to relax about whatever you are going through. Meditate, find your center, ground yourself in Spirit. This is a process. Go through it in full awareness.

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