Saturday, March 23, 2013


Humdrum. Boring. Uninspiring. Monotonous. Dull. Unexciting. These describe the lives of many people. In fact, it describes the lives of many people I know. Tonight I am sitting in the living room of a dear friend listening to a very interesting conversation, the kind of conversation that makes you salivate.  I look around the room and everyone is engaged, passionately, in the discussion. We are smiling, laughing, amen-ing, interrupting each other, pulling up information on all our smart phones to share, learn and confirm, we are high-fiving, arguing, sharing, asking. We are all excited. Some of us exclaim how much we needed this...the excitement.

We go about waking up, working, sleeping, repeating. We walk about like zombies. We have lost our zest for life. It's time for a revival.

Today is a good day for a revival. Read something that you normally don't read. Read something that will spark your curiosity. Learn something new. Have a conversation that makes you uncomfortable. Go to a museum and awake the right side of your brain. Take a cooking, a boxing, a gardening, an origami, a painting or a bonsai-trimming class. Change your routine and see your surroundings from a different point of view. Go to a poetry reading or a stand-up comedy show. Do something today that excites you. Your excitement will spread. I'm doing just that. Let's start a revival.

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