Friday, March 15, 2013

Not magic...but it feels magical

Last year, I met a fantastic woman, Z, by chance. We clicked instantly. She introduced me to a wonderful volunteer opportunity which I accepted with enthusiasm. While working together in this three-month intense project, I met a slew of amazing people. I remember thinking, my dreams are coming true.

Technically, my dreams were not coming true...yet. But I could see, I could envision what I wanted. I felt that I was in the right place, at the right time.

Shortly after the project ended, the excitement fizzled and a little discouragement settled in, mixed in with a little desperation. Nothing was happening. The momentum stalled. Yet, I pushed through that feeling and kept my eyes on the prize. I continued working in the field, serving as best I know how, detaching myself from a specific outcome. Now, magic, or something like it is starting to happen. Well, it's not really magic. It's synchro-destiny. The Universe has lined up the right people and the right opportunities at the right time. My dreams are really coming true.

My desperation when things were not happening (or so I thought) seems silly now. Everything was happening. I just had to let go and keep working, keep serving. The right moment was coming. I think back to what I attributed to coincidence and realize that there is no such thing. Every encounter, every step forward and every mistake had a role in this unfolding. My confirmation came today. Though I have been working for this great organization for a while now–not by chance, an accident or a fluke, more great things are happening and more great things are going to happen.

Today is a good day to set your intention. Ask for what you want. Ask for guidance and inspiration while opening your heart and your mind to new possibilities and new thoughts. Then wait. Everything will fall into place. Signs and messages will confirm your decisions. And although it's not really magic, it feels magical...

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