Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In you, In me

Every person we hold a relationship with holds within them something of us, and we of them. We relate to some people of our choosing and others are assigned to us. In both cases, the relationship is necessary...even when the relationship is difficult and dissatisfying.

In relationships with people we choose, we see something in them we admire, we like or we feel a strong connection to because of similarities, perceived compatibility or chemistry. In those relationships we have attracted to us someone like us in one or more ways. If you are surrounded by people you enjoy and respect then you are enjoyable and respectable. In relationships with people we haven't chosen to be in relationship with such as coworkers, and family members, there is still a cosmic attraction to something alike in us. This is especially true with people we clash with. If you find yourself in such a relationship with someone, ask yourself what it is in that person that bothers you. What is the lesson there for you? How can you grow from the experiences you have with this person? 

Every person we hold a relationship with is our mirror, and we are theirs. I am thankful for those people in my life who I take pleasure in. There are quite a few and they are funny, intelligent, affectionate, caring, sensitive, ethical, spiritual, open-minded, honest, grateful, generous, enthusiastic, happy, resilient, friendly, positive, forgiving, creative, inspiring, and considerate among other amazing traits. I aspire to live like them, to learn from them, to be like them. There are others in my life who are not so amazing and I am thankful for them as well. I aim to learn from them.

Today is a good day to find ourselves in each other and to celebrate each other...to find you in me and me in you, to grow into our best selves because of each other. 

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