Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spirit of cooperation

When things do not go as planned, we become frustrated and disappointed. We look at our circumstances through disillusion and negativity and few things seem worthwhile. It is up to us to either stay in this state or to shift our focus. 

We can help ourselves move away from disappointment by doing...doing something productive, helpful, creative, new, different or generous. After a recent loss I decided to do just that. I called a good friend, colleague and mentor and we went for coffee. Instead of dwelling on what hurt inside, we talked about our literary projects. We spent the next few hours working on them. We made plans to continue our regular writing sessions and we are keeping up with our intention. 

In helping ourselves, we invite cooperation. Acting with goodwill has a way of attracting what we need in order to meet what we want. My friend and I are receiving just that. Doors are opening, answers are becoming clear and resources are appearing. We are receiving signs, guidance and direction and obstacles are falling away. We are aligned with our purpose and acting on our behalf. Everything is coming together. The spirit of cooperation has taken over. 

Today is a good day to focus on what you can do and not on any feeling of disappointment you may be experiencing. Cooperation starts with your willingness to participate in the process. Do so and feel the spirit of cooperation take over.

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