Monday, March 4, 2013

Ready, aim...go

I am writing from a food court at a large shopping mall. It is 8:35 in the morning. I have been here a little more than an hour. I stopped for breakfast and brought my books, notebooks, laptop and research material thinking that I could accomplish a lot before the mall became busy. By the time I sat down with my coffee, the mall was already busy.

As I look around, I see people of all ages and all walks of life here. Some are having breakfast, others are having business meetings over coffee, some are killing time. What surprised me, though, was the amount of people aimlessly walking around this early in the morning. They look lost. Are they lost?

I started to think that maybe this is not that surprising, that many of us do walk around aimlessly even when we are going somewhere specific with something specific to do. We are a busy people. But are we purposefully busy? Are we busy doing what we have been called to do?

We can be productive members of our communities, diligently working and complying with responsibilities and requirements–imposed on us by ourselves or others. This does not necessarily mean we are fulfilling our higher purpose. When we live our higher purpose, we flow in goodness and cooperation. The difference between aimlessly doing and living our purpose is the resulting happiness, well-being and success. There is no struggle.

So how do we find our higher purpose? We go within for answers. We get quiet and listen for what we are here to do. We ask Spirit for direction. We meditate on what we enjoy doing, what we are good at, what we can do best, how we can use what we know and what we can do to help others and contribute and what makes us truly happy. Once we become aware of what Spirit has readied us for, we operate at that level. We aim for the direction the Universe is asking us to go.

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  1. We need to re-learn to balance. Sometimes, people seems to be very busy, but do tot achieve a bit. Others, seems to relax, but are higher achievers. In is in the purpose. Thanks for this post.