Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The seeds of anxiety

I woke up anxious today. I named my anxiety. I named it after a situation I am facing. It is easy for me to assume that this particular situation is the root of my anxiety. And then I sat down for a few quiet moments and the truth of my anxiety came to me: it is planting season.

I am not only anxious but frustrated because I forget that my life's pulse is rich and varied. I get agitated because I don't see results. I now remember that during this season, I am listening, learning, getting used to new and changing circumstances and planting. I am planting seeds of opportunities, friendships and love. I find peace in knowing that I am doing what I am supposed to do. During this season, days seem to drag on with no fruit, but I trust in what I don't see...yet. Growth is coming and then there will be a harvest.

I ground myself in Spirit for the patience and understanding it takes to wait, for the strength and serenity it takes to accept the balancing and readjusting needed during growth and for the faith that all of this planting will yield abundance, loving relationships, well-being and prosperity.

Today is a good day to put our anxiety to rest, to plant and let go. Let's do what we are supposed to do knowing that soon we will reap what we have sowed.

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  1. Plan, wait, execute. Delete anxiety from your vocabulary and replace it for, expectancy. No harm awaits you.