Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whoa Nelly!

We were on a roll. I didn't want to stop the flow of ideas so I asked him to come with me to pick up my son from school. We could continue the creative banter in the car. When we got to the school, he opened the passenger side door and asked my son to have a seat. Then he sat in the back for the return trip.

I drive the long way, almost always. It is a conscious choice I make in an effort to live my life beautifully. I drove the long way home from my son's school with my friend in the back seat. We drove through old residential neighborhoods, the beach, and parts of historic sectors. He broke the silence more than once with Wow!, Ah!, Sigh!...inhaling and exhaling resonantly from the back seat. By the time we got home he was somewhat changed. He had experienced beauty and inspiration that is always around him, but goes unnoticed.

The first realization was that time was not an issue. We could have compared the time spent by taking this non-route than by taking the expressway, but we knew better than to ruin the feeling. Time really wasn't an issue. The second realization was that we miss so much when we're in a hurry. The third realization was that we are in a hurry out of habit and out of our reaction to the hurry of others. Finally, we realized that we were enjoying a feeling of happiness and well-being as a result of a simple change of pace.

We live life so fast that we fail to enjoy it. We run all the time believing that it will pay off on our vacation or our "free" time. Yet time is free and, more importantly, we can enjoy life daily without the frantic tone we set it to. We are tired, indifferent to each other, sick and worried. It's all in the way we think. We think we have to run this pace, and so we do.

Today is a good day to hold our horses back...from a gallop to a walk. In this slower gait, we can connect to others, to nature, to Spirit and to ourselves. Time will not matter. At a slower pace, we work better–yielding better quality work and results, we enrich our relationships, improve our health and notice life around us. Hold your horses...and awake to a slower, richer and more fulfilling life.

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