Sunday, February 10, 2013


Truth is the thread that holds us to each other. It connects our Spirit to ourselves and to one another.

When we are not truthful, we hurt ourselves by disconnecting from our Source. In that division, we lose direction, vision and intuition and we attract deceit into our lives. When we are not truthful, we hurt each other. We see each other through a veil of deception, mistrust and wrong intentions. We can't exchange the better part of ourselves. True relationship is halted. We can't reveal our most pure and greatest expression of ourselves. We separate ourselves and so create all sorts of misguided situations priming ourselves for mistaken and impaired decisions. When we are not truthful, we don't live authentic lives.

Truth is the basic element to being authentic. Being authentic means saying the truth, not necessarily what others want to hear, it means living the truth–our truth. Anything else we do, any other way we live negates our nature, our possibilities, our happiness, our integrity, our dignity, our contribution, our purpose, our love, our fulfillment, our perfection, our light to others, our wholeness...

Truth and authenticity go hand in hand. Today is a good day to be truthful, to be authentic, to live the fullness of life...

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  1. We harm ourselves by neglecting and justifying our acts. Yet the sequence becomes an oxymoron itself. It becomes a spiral that take us appart from our never ending center. Even the truth is a an ambiguous term. Love your insight.