Friday, February 8, 2013


With a long list of things to do, I had my day planned. I had articles to turn in, proposals to finish, travel to book, poetry due, 500 words to write in a novel that insists on not writing itself, laundry, chores and so the list goes. My body had another plan though.

I woke up with a fever. Oh boy. It kept me in bed all day long. In its wisdom, my body laid me down to rest. I read, I wrote, I slept, I sweat the fever. My repose included tea, pajamas, good poetry, good movies, good food, silence, messages from friends and the tender touch from people I love.

Halfway through the day, my long list of things to do didn't matter so much. In the quiet moments I became grateful and appreciative for the day of rest, my sabbath. This day brought me closer to Spirit, finding Him in the irony of my ill body, in the care of loved ones, in the magical orchestration of events knowing that everything is as it should be and will be fine.

Today is a good day to plan on a regular Sabbath, not as an obligation, but as the gift it truly is.

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