Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We must grieve...

You can't get around it. You must go through it. 

This is probably the best advice anyone has given me. My former boss, one of my wisest teachers, said this to me a long time ago and I kept it as a mantra to help me through times of anxiety, worry, heartbreak and doubt. It has helped me in business and it has helped me through big changes in my life. I meditate on this mantra frequently and I find comfort in it, especially during times of grief. 

We experience grief when we lose someone we love to death or a breaking in a relationship. Many times we try to overcome this grief by ignoring our feelings of loss and despair. Yet, ignoring our feelings only postpones the inevitable. There are lessons in everything we experience and until we learn those lessons we will repeat experiences that reinforce the lessons we refuse to learn. 

When it comes to grief, we have to grieve. We have to allow ourselves the time to go through it. Going through grief will lead us to healing. In grieving we acknowledge our feelings, we feel our emotions...we wait...we cry, we ask, we wonder, we pray...we go through grief...and then we heal.

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