Monday, February 4, 2013

Put your defenses down

We brush our teeth, dress and put on defenses every morning before we head out the door. We defend against, or for, our fears, insecurities and weaknesses, creating a stand-off between us.

It causes much more confusion when we pretend we don't feel as we do. Accepting our frailties, we develop compassion and understanding for others and for ourselves. We also become approachable, lovable, acceptable and accepting in the eyes of others. When we are real, we release an energy that affects the people we come in contact with. 

Today is a good day to balance a healthy expression of who we are. In this healthy expression we find the difference between identifying with our vulnerabilities and being authentic. Accept yourself as the work-in-progress that you are for others to do the same. Put your defenses down. Be real and experience life more fully and honestly. 

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