Monday, February 25, 2013


It's Monday. The roles we play line up early for curtain call. The curtain goes up and we run our script. We are parents, spouses, neighbors, bosses, lovers, children, exes, employees, caretakers and students among other roles we play. With each role, the wardrobe we wear is an attitude, a mood, a point of view, a set of beliefs, a perspective. Each role comes loaded with thought. By the time our character speaks, our bodies and our spirits have spoken enough with our body language and our temperament. Sometimes what they say is "Enough!"

The roles we play are actually roles we take on. Nobody imposes them on us. Some of us are happy within the roles we have chosen. Yet the majority of us are not. We perform mechanically. We fulfill our role because we don't know what else to do, we don't know how to get out of character or we are afraid. The majority of us wouldn't know what our real character is. We are tired of superficial living, of not living true to ourselves.

Today is a good day to step away from the stage for a few moments, take off the costumes of the roles you play and connect to your True Self. Ask yourself Who am I?, What do I want?, How may I contribute?, How do I love? Then wait for the answers. Come to these questions again and again. The Spirit within will guide you providing you answers if you are willing to listen. You will serve others best when you are clear on who you are and what makes you happy for you can only offer happiness and love if you have it.

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