Sunday, February 3, 2013


To hesitate is to hold back, to be slow in acting, to be uncertain, unwilling or reluctant. I have lived this definition of hesitation many times experiencing its fiercest form when I've had to make changes. I see hesitation in others too, precisely when they have to make a change.

When we keep making the same mistakes, when we start sliding backwards instead of moving forward, when we keep hearing the same messages over and over again, when we keep ignoring our gut feelings we need to make a change. 

We make the decision to change, but then we hesitate when we have to make a choice within our new way. We easily go back to our old way, to what is familiar to us even if it hurts us. We do this especially when we are afraid and when we feel uncertainty. We react by holding on, hurrying up and giving up. Yet it is in this moment that we need to let go, slow down and follow-through. The anxiety we feel up until this moment is a sign, a message from the Universe that we need to change something in our lives. This anxiety is not the frenetic, outer expressed stress, but the introspective uneasiness and discomfort that twinges truth inside of us. We are called to make a change and so we need to overcome vacillation and doubt. 

We can continue to live unhappy, annoyed, unfulfilled and held back lives or we can push through the hesitation and make the changes we know in our hearts that we need to make. Today is a good day to move in that direction. 

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