Thursday, February 7, 2013


The thought of settling used to make me cringe. Settling had a give-in component that I didn't like. now has a different meaning to me.

In yoga, I learn patience. The most amazing thing happens after I practice–my bones, my muscles, my spirit and my mind settle. I gain some of the benefit while I do yoga–I can hear the popping noise of lactic acid releasing in my joints, and the refreshing cracking of my spine. But the full effect is a heightening of wellness and tranquility that increases as the day goes by.

The same thing happens with understanding. We would like to comprehend the what's, the why's and the how's of circumstances and events in our lives at the moment. Yet there is a settling of understanding and it comes at the right time even if it takes a while.

With yoga, meditation, understanding, wisdom, truth and love there is a settling. In time we come to realize that the job we didn't get would have taken us in a different direction, the love we lost would have compromised our dignity, the tough months we had yielded new and creative ideas, the unexpected responsibilities at work brought travel and new acquaintances with them, a daughter's missed recital led to an important heart to heart conversation, that we know more than what we believe we know, that love always surrounds us, and so on.

Today is a good day to'll understand, in time. Let it settle.

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