Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happiness is yours...

When our happiness, stability or sense of value hinges on a particular outcome, the opinion of others or a particular set of circumstances, we set ourselves up for emotional derailment. We've been there. Everything is going exactly right–we have an amazing job, our social life is on fire, our love life is nice and steamy, our children are gifted cherubs, the right political party is in place. Then one or more of these factors changes. Uh-oh! Anxiety, sadness and frustration kick in. We tend to feel this way because we have  identified with ever-changing distortions of our identity. When something doesn't end up as we hoped for, when others don't think we are golden anymore, when the rug gets pulled from under us, we don't change, we are the same. We have to remember that. What changed? Circumstances, opinions–not us. Seek within to uncover who you are, what your purpose is and passionately hold on to positive beliefs about yourself.

Who you are is true. Your purpose keeps you focused and worthy–it stems from who you are. Passionately holding on to positive beliefs about yourself keeps the circle going reminding you of who you are and what you are here to do. Rooted to who you are, you stay happy, stable and worthy.

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