Monday, November 26, 2012

I am me

Growing up I felt I was dumb, talentless and ugly. I can't remember a particular incident in which a person said anything to make me feel that way. It was a feeling I brought with me everywhere. It was awful.

I compared everything about myself to others and felt worse each time I did so. My name was so much different and uncommon that I even wanted to change that. I wanted to be more like everyone else. Silly, I know.

This is not about self-esteem or self-confidence. This is about not having an interior compass and nowhere firm where to throw my anchor. I didn't know my nature, which is the same nature as everyone I compared myself with. It is the same as your nature. I didn't know that in a sense I was like everyone else: special.

Our nature is divine. We are a portion of Spirit without limitations and with an unlimited supply of resources, guidance and help. We are a portion of Spirit and our nature is to love...ourselves and others. We are not what we do, what we have, our bodies, what people think of us or what happens to us. We are a portion of Spirit and Spirit leads us where we are needed in order to fulfill our purpose.

I am now anchored. I am aligned to Spirit, who is unchanging. This helps me to go with the flow knowing that everything is as it should be. I don't compare myself anymore because I learned that I am me...unique in my talents and what I can contribute. I don't resist what makes me excited because this is Spirit's way of moving me in the right direction. I do what I am supposed to with enthusiasm. I also meditate, listen, pay attention to signs and messages, stay aligned to my Source, stay attuned to my intuition and I act. With this focus on my true self, the opinion of others does not matter, I feel secure, creative, loving and less concerned with having a plan. I bring this with me everywhere I go.

I am intelligent, talented and beautiful...and so are you.

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