Friday, November 30, 2012


I'm a believer. There's no grand puppet-master pulling my strings...nothing is set in stone. There are no coincidences. My life works as a series of answers to the intentions and desires of my they are aligned or misaligned with Spirit. Today is proof of that.

When I am clear about what I want, and this desire works for the best of all involved, when I stay in harmony with my beliefs and when I honor others, things go right and they continue to go right. When this happens, I am light-hearted and carefree. Everything just flows. People come together and circumstances line up almost out of the blue.

This morning started dreary for both the weather and my state of mind. Then, as I was driving in the rain, the most beautiful, rich in color, rainbow draped in the sky in front of me. It was right in front of me. I was driving into a rainbow. Moody, grumpy and cranky, I was so awed that all I could say was a whispered thank you. My thoughts changed. I started imagining this day with all sorts of wonderful things happening. I had no specifics, I just had this overwhelming feeling that this day was going to be great. I got out of my head and into the music on the radio. I put my money where my mouth was and asked to be led where I could serve.

I changed course and decided to meet with my friend Carlos for brunch-then lunch-then coffee. We ironed out the details of this great plan we have been working on. I went with no expectations and only my desire to be useful to the plan. As I drove away I had a rush of new ideas flood me, so I wrote them down. I want to do a book fair, was my first idea.

When I got to my office, I returned my friend Héctor's call, something I should have done two days ago. I shared with him my idea. Synchro-destiny! Two days ago I didn't have this plan. Today I do and Héctor supplied the venue. I called my friend Miguel to follow-up on something else we are working on-he got so excited about my idea and offered more help. I called Carlos back to tell him about the book fair and, of course, he had more help to offer. As the night progresses, my email, Facebook inbox, phone and text are pinging with news, referrals and confirmation about the event. People want to attend, authors want to participate, others just want to help. All is working for the good of all involved. And there is more to come, I am sure.

I am already thankful for the promise. Tomorrow will continue this domino-effect, more people will be part of this blessing. I am a believer that all of us involved in this event were meant to be involved and that only good for everyone involved is synchro-destined from here on out...

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