Saturday, November 24, 2012

Of friends and lovers

Are you lonely? Is your list of friends short? Do you feel incomplete because you are not in a romantic relationship? Are you looking for love? Then stop.

If you are looking for love then you are looking for what you feel you are missing. You are putting out there the message that you are lacking. You are then attracting that lack back into your life. When you are in search of love, you are giving out this energy of desperation, need and insecurity. This is not what you think you are looking for, but it is what you'll get. 

Love attracts love. You are love. Act like it. Live it! Be what you are seeking. Bring with you harmony, respect, freedom, loyalty, happiness, dignity, security, kindness and joy everywhere you go to everyone you meet without expecting anything in return. Think in terms of "I know the right person is coming at the right time." Set your intention and let it go...

Friends and lovers come and between there's always you. You are complete. 

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