Friday, November 23, 2012

Nothing's gonna change my world

A while back, someone I love very much was going through a very tough process. She remembers with such love one particular moment she went through during the prescribed course of action she had to endure. She got through it while singing The Beatles' Across The Universe. The chorus to this beautiful song, "nothing's gonna change my world...nothing's gonna change my world...", helped her decide that regardless of what happened from that point forward, she would be ok. A-ha!

This is wisdom...the kind found by making peace with uncertainty. She understood in that very moment that having a rigid attachment to a particular result would shut out possibilities, and make her feel disappointed, helpless, hopeless and desperate. She surrendered to Spirit and let go...

Faced with uncertainty, hold on to the belief that there's a superior intelligence at work. It is a permanent intelligence. It is your Source, your Creator. When your world's internal reference point is grounded on this divine consciousness, it cannot be changed even if circumstances do. Allow God to act without your intervention. Open your heart to possibilities beyond your imagination. Do your due diligence and have faith. This is all you can do.

You are loved and protected. Regardless of what happens, you will be ok. Nothing's going to change your world...

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  1. Wow! God is really awesome!!! I know the person you love and she is helping me go through that same tough process. Right now I shared with her my disappointing news, and she suggested I read your blog. It really spoke to me. I'm crying since the song started playing. These are very wise words which I'll take to heart. I hope it will help others. God bless!!!