Monday, November 19, 2012

What's in it for you...

Abundance is that state you live in when you have everything you want and everything you need. When you align your thoughts, your actions, what you believe in and what you expect with your divine Spirit, then everything you want and wish for and everything you need comes your way.

To live abundantly, go beyond your ego (What's in it for me?), figure out what you are best at, what your unique talents are (this is what you have to offer), and put yourself at the service of others (How may I serve? How can I help?). You will then have effortless access to unlimited abundance.

I experience an amazing shift in feeling when I concern myself with the needs of others. When I put my talents to work for others without regard to what benefit I may gain or what kind of thanks or recognition I may receive, my worries about myself melt away. I have abundance and live joyfully.

You too can enjoy a smooth stream of blessings when you fulfill your purpose and use your special skills for the benefit of others. What's in it for you? Everything...

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