Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I love you...free & clear

We can cage a bird, but we can't cage its song...just as we can cage our lover, but not his love...

To love someone is to love who they are, as they are. Love allows the loved to be themselves-to think, feel and express themselves freely, lovingly and unabashedly. Loving someone lets them love us as they can, with no controls and no pressures. When we love, when we really and truly love, we are honest and sincere in the love we present...we become lovable, love-able. We don't earn love, we don't work for love...we give it with no conditions and in such a way receive it. Sometimes we get it from whom we least expect it as a surprise from the Universe. Sometimes a friendship turns to love, sometimes a relationship that started wrong mysteriously becomes a love story, sometimes a love you released returns and sometimes love just happens between two people in a relationship who decide to give up insecurity, distrust and the need to control in order to love each other.

To love free and clear is to put no demands on your lover, each one of you finding perfect safety and security in Spirit and uncaging unconditional love for each other...

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