Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love is a Battlefield

Pat Benatar says that love is a battlefield. I believe it doesn't have to be. This is just another wrong idea we have been convinced of. Love is not a battlefield.

Love and war are incompatible. War and peace cannot coexist. When the battle begins, I say surrender. Surrender, not to someone, but to a higher energy, a superior force.

Your ego is not going to like it, but only because you are thinking of surrender in terms of giving up and saying with your surrender that you are wrong, that you forgive. Surrendering to a higher energy clears the air in your battlefield for understanding and receptivity. Forgiveness will be necessary, but for now, just surrender, lower your stance and watch the other person's shoulders relax.

Ups and downs in your love battle will be normal and to be expected. By having this awareness of the power of surrender you will be able to acknowledge conflict when it arises and then let it go...surrender it. It is this practice that will bring you clarity of mind and peace of heart to receive the solutions to the battle. Be open to solutions that you have not imagined. In the realm of spirit, everything is possible and sometimes the alternatives to your problem may not be what you envisioned. Surrender your troubles. Trust the answers. Enjoy the love.

This higher energy–God, Universe, Abba, Creator, Spirit or any other name by which you call your higher-self–is in you. Pass on thoughts of frustration, disappointment and anger and reach within for your strength and thoughts of kindness, compassion and love for your spouse or partner and for yourself. Surrender and allow this higher energy to transform your battlefield into a love-field. Allow this energy to let love come through.

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