Wednesday, August 6, 2014

While we wait...

Wish upon a star. Now what? Oh, I remember. Now we let go. What do we let go of? The outcome, of course. Now what? We wait. And while we wait? Ah, that's the tricky part.

We set our intentions and have to go on with our lives positively knowing that what we want will come about. Yet we have to let go of trying to make it happen, of trying to control it–the when, where, who and how–the specificity, the pressure on ourselves and the process, the obsession and the striving. I have found that between setting our intentions and letting go, in the wait, what we must do is align our habits with our desires. There's the balance. While we wait, we do our part. If we are writers waiting for our next project, we write. If we are actors waiting for the next role, we audition. If we are in public service waiting for our next appointment, we serve our communities. If we are waiting on funding for our next venture, we continue to work. If we are professionals waiting for a certification, we continue to practice. If we are waiting for inspiration, we stay involved in life, dance, read, breathe nature in.

As we go about our days working, cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping, visiting friends, making dinner, playing tennis, meditating, paying bills, celebrating birthdays, daydreaming, folding laundry, calling family members who live far away and catching up on our reading lists, we include habits that expand, enhance and cultivate our wishes. This will keep us focused yet relaxed about the outcome. Before we know it, the wait will be over.

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