Friday, August 15, 2014


Stand where you are, preferably barefoot, with your feet parallel to each other, shoulder-width apart. Look at the tip of your nose, then close your eyes softly. Take one deep breath in. Count one-two-three. Exhale. Breathe as you would throughout this standing meditation.

Feel the earth beneath your feet.

Feel the stability.

Feel connected.

Feel the energy exchange between you and the Earth.

Feel every thought, every feeling outflow into the Earth.

Receive every thought, every feeling return to you through your firmly planted feet.

Feel your stance.


Focus your mind on our connection, our oneness.

Imagine beams of light flowing from you into the Earth.

Imagine light flowing back into you.

Stay. Stand. Breathe.

After ten minutes or so, smile, breathe deeply, exhale. Go.

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