Thursday, August 7, 2014

Inner Balance

I was at one of the national brand drugstores when I came across a jar of Inner Balance. I went straight to it. Thirty pills for $19.99–yes! No, not really. This inner balance was not what I thought. These were probiotics. Not that I thought I could buy inner balance for my spirit, thought part of me wished I could.

Life is so packed with activity–career, family, friends, social commitments, philanthropic engagements, community involvement, projects, responsibilities, undertakings and other obligations–that we feel blown to the four winds, grasping to keep steady, balanced.

Although there is no such thing as a jar full of inner balance for the soul, there is a ballast within that can help us be less scattered, more stable and grounded. We get there through meditation. Meditation calms our minds, alleviates extreme emotions and reactions and relaxes our bodies. With time, it is where we go to find balance, inner peace and connect with our Self. Where probiotics keep our intestines detoxed and balanced, meditation can remove psychic toxins and keep up centered.

Today is a good day to close our eyes for a moment, inhale–long and slow then exhale–longer and slower. Relax your lips, letting them open just a bit. Stay. Breathe. For a moment. Find your inner balance.

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