Tuesday, August 5, 2014


What do we guard ourselves from? I sit here thinking about this. Do we guard ourselves…I mean, really guard ourselves? If so, from what? Is it guarding ourselves or is it keeping who we are from coming out? What is it that we are protecting ourselves from?

We fear being hurt, disappointed, blind-sided, lied to and betrayed. We are afraid of failing, losing, rejection and our own vulnerability. We are scared of letting others down, what they may think of us, disapproval and being excluded. We fear so many things and we have a tendency to try to over-protect ourselves from these and other perceived threats.

We then try to protect ourselves with preemptive strikes, intimidation, cockiness, false self-confidence, arrogance, distrust, antipathy, hostility, recklessness, pessimism, pushiness and impetuosity. We guard ourselves by not letting others in, trying to control outcomes, building antagonistic barriers–physical and emotional. And yet, we don't really protect ourselves. When we guard ourselves, we create other dangers. We suffocate and atrophy. And, we keep calling unto us that which we fear. As long as we feel that we have to protect ourselves from something, that something will appear.

Self-protection keeps us from new experiences, enjoying the differences, knowing beauty and being happily surprised. It keeps us from real pleasure and excitement. We close ourselves to healing, safety and joy. We become our own prisoners–locked in by our lack of trust, paranoia and disproportionate wariness.

To take care of ourselves, we need to have that inner-knowing that nothing is done to us and that nothing that happens to us defines us. Whatever we feel someone does to us or against us is really between them and whatever they believe in. By centering in Spirit, we strengthen our connection to our inner-knowing. We can try keeping the bad stuff away, but we do so at the risk of keeping the good at bay. By allowing other close, by allowing others in, we help ourselves heal. Outside of our walls, fortresses and prisons we find joy, laughter, happiness, guidance, fun, love, support, understanding and fullness of life.

We are loved and protected. To be aware, to really know this, is the safety and security of the Self. Now that's Self-protection.

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