Monday, September 30, 2013

Love comes softly

I rarely watch television. Every now and then though, I tune into something. I was recently in a hotel room by myself and turned the tv on while I took a shower. I listened to a Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes commercial. First of all, wow!, I didn't know they still existed. Second, it got me thinking about how winning something like this could impact a life. A sudden windfall can pack a punch, much like an unexpected job promotion, a new career opportunity, an impromptu move in the direction of your dreams. Good things like this come with a bang. Good things like this are loud, exciting, electrifying. Yet love, real love... comes softly. Even if unexpected, love comes with no resistance, pressure or weight. It doesn't force itself or demand. It pours over like a tender warm rain. Real love seduces, stirs the soul, feathers over your spirit, invites you to love and expands over time. Unlike the good material things in life, love bears long-term effects, blessings that cannot be taken away.

Real love enters oh-so-softly. It will not come announcing itself with balloons, loudspeakers, a crowd and tv cameras in tow. Love will come subtly. Today is a good day to look around. The love you may be longing for may already be there. Welcome it. Allow it. Give it. Receive it. Expect it, softly.

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