Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sigh. Big sigh. I had a tough day yesterday, yet it wasn't as bad as others experienced it. It is no consolation that others have a worse day than I do, but it does help me put things in perspective. Today I am already receiving gifts–the day is beautiful, my family is well, my beloved is happy, I have health, I am blessed beyond measure. Yet I feel this general sadness wrap over me. Among other issues, the news of the federal government shutdown takes a toll on our spirit. It feels like a bit much right now, much like the straw of hay that breaks the camel's back.

I gave in to this feeling this morning, on purpose. I gave in then gave it up. I decided that this is a perfect opportunity to open up to receive the pain of others, the sadness, the uncertainty, the fear, the doubt and the anxiety–to be a conduit for it all. I receive it, acknowledge it, then let it go. As a vessel for these emotions, I am allowing a purging of them. Cleansed of negativity, positivity can enter.

As the government and businesses shut down, we open up. The circumstances out there are big and out of our immediate control. But in here, within, we find our center, our stability and our comfort. Positivity will not change what is happening out there, but it allows us to change our condition. Empty of the mass hysteria, the drama, the doomsday rambling and open in our hearts and minds, we receive wisdom, guidance, intuition, clarity, new ideas, creative solutions, encouragement and help.

Today is a good day to feel what you will feel, to recognize those emotions and then release them. Open up to the blessings that hide behind all bad news. Love, understanding, tranquility, peace of mind, assistance, direction and light cannot enter into a closed spirit. Open your heart. Open your mind. Receive. Know that nothing is insurmountable.

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