Monday, October 7, 2013

California, baby!

Stuck, unmotivated, unproductive, uninspired...the days go by for some in a rut. A friend of mine recently told me she is moving to California, thousands of miles away from where we live. That's what I am talking about! Sometimes that feeling of being stuck, unmotivated, unproductive and uninspired is the message. That feeling is telling you that you need to move. Your environment has become stale. You need to look in a new direction.

What about those who cannot move, those who cannot pick up and start over geographically? There are other types of moves. Your feeling could be telling you that you need to forgive, to be brave, to trust, to let go, to try something new, to quit a bad habit, to leave a relationship or to start a new one. Any move on your part gets cooperation from the Universe. Move and the Universe will move with you. Do it fearlessly and miracles start to happen.

Today is a good day to stop focusing on the daily grind. Imagine where you could go. Imagine what you could do. Move in that direction and start to feel creative, motivated, productive and inspired. Move and see your life situation change for the better. Move...choose your California, baby.

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