Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Vampires, those mythical creatures who suck blood, are very popular in literature and have been popularized even more so in tv and film. There's no credible scientific proof that these vampires exist, but there are real vampires in our lives. Folklore made Orlok, Dracula and Lestat de Lioncourt cool. But real-life vampires are no fun. Who are these vampires? They are the victim, the all-eyes-on-me friend, the hypochondriac, the drama-queen, the blamer, mr. bossy-pants, the manipulator and everyone else who feeds off our prana, our energy.

Vampires are detrimental to our emotional, physical and psychic health. When we interact with a vampire, we feel headaches, tension, tightness in our chest. We feel tired after speaking with them. We want to be good friends, we want to listen and help, but when the other person persists in a state of self-detriment, lack of awareness or just doesn't want to come out of a negative thought process, it is time to release them.

Today is a good day to breathe and visualize a positive shield of energy around us. Let's set boundaries. Let's set them in love. Do not react. Do not be sucked into the negativity. Be a light. Vampires have an aversion to it.

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