Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As The Police say, we are spirits in the material world. We are not bodies with spirits, but spirits with bodies. The body, mind and spirit are not completely separate. Take making love, for example. When two people join in caressing, kissing and touching, leading up to and including sex, there is a joyous and ecstatic rush of feeling (body), happiness (mind), and an exchange of energy (spirit). We don't make love at a distance. The body is essential.

In this age of amazing technology our brains are responding to the way we interact with it and each other. We have many ways in which to stay in contact with friends, family and lovers. Yet nothing connects us as a physical touch. Nothing calms us down as that exchange of energy. Nothing alleviates anxiety, anger, apprehension as a comforting embrace from another. Nothing needs to be said.

I saw a couple today standing in line at a restaurant. She kept her hand around him. He had his arms crossed. They were both engaged in conversation. You could tell from their body language that the connection was not complete. Touch completes a relationship. Touch connects the dots between thoughts, words and feelings and is linked to well-being.

Today is a good day to hold your daughter's hand, to hug your brother, to caress your love's cheek, to shake your neighbors hand firmly while holding eye contact, to hold a hug a bit longer, to cuddle with your baby, to complete a connection with touch.

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  1. Nada mas hermoso que un abrazo, un beso, una agarrá de manos...el contacto físico es el complemento de lo que sentimos por dentro. Es tan cierto como necesario en la vida!