Friday, October 25, 2013

No, thank you

Even the most peaceful of us get frustrated in the midsts of daily events. When the pace of life quickens  as part of special events, travel, living with others and daily errands, we sometimes forget our manners, our consideration, our good spirits. We snap, we raise our tones of voice, we act rudely. Sometimes we realize it and sometimes we don't, but we always know when we are not receiving the best treatment from someone else. Although we are accepting of others, we don't have to accept unkind behavior. When others react rather than respond, we don't have to take it. I know I don't take it. I respond with no, thank you.

There may be situations in which tempers run high and drama ensues making some irritable, emotionally disjointed and angry. When this happens and the gruff conduct is directed at us, we have a perfect opportunity for growth. We have an opportunity to return the bad attitude with love. In not reacting in the same tone and sentiment we change the energy, not only for ourselves and the person we're in conflict with, but for those around us.

Today is a good day to take a deep breath when conflict arises. In that moment, remember that we all have different ways of reacting to environmental and societal stimuli. Remember that we can choose our response. You don't have to retort in kind. Don't take it and don't pay it back. Just be an agent of change by saying, with a smile and your gracious attitude, no, thank you.

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