Friday, September 6, 2013

What meditation feels like

Week 1: You have got to be kidding me! I don't have time for this! Who does she think she is?! She has no idea how busy I am. Think of nothing? Hippies can think of nothing, I have things to do. I am so angry. Does she even know how sitting here makes me feel? Why do I want to cry?! 

Week 2: Here I am again. Why am I doing this? This is nonsense. I can't sit here and do nothing. My mind is racing more than ever. What is this?! I'm going to kill her for making me do this. Meditation is making me anxious. I want to throw something across the room. 

Week 3: Ok. I'm trying this one more time. It's not that bad, I think. I'll just breathe. I'll ignore my thoughts. God knows I can't stop them! 

Week 4: I'm so happy to sit here. I can use a moment of quiet. The day will not stop for me, but I can be ready. Breathe...all is well. 

This is a synopsis of what meditation felt like for a friend of mine. Mind you, I have edited the profanity and expletives (although a shame because it makes this really funny). It took three weeks for her to form the habit of daily meditation. She now does it daily and is healthier for it.

At first, it seemed meditation increased her stress level. Her mind wandered aimlessly and she struggled with the emotions that came up. This was a cleansing of sorts. She needed to release all of that in order to come to a clear space within where nothing is expected–no action, no thought, no result, no voices, no visions, no trembling of the earth–only a state of being. 

I am proud of the way she stuck through the practice every day. This was not easy for her. If you are not meditating regularly but want to, starting a meditation practice could be difficult too. Know, though, that it is a temporary difficulty. You will gain a sense of calm, composure, well-being and connectedness. As to time, we don't put time into meditation, meditation puts time in us. There will be time for everything. There are more benefits to a regular meditation practice, of course, yet these are the ones that are more easily recognizable in our daily actions and interactions. A few minutes to connect in stillness and silence helps us deal with life. Today is a good day to take a few moments to be still, to be quiet and breathe....

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