Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We're good...thanks.

It's been a few days since I have written here. I got off track. All is well, I know, yet there is a longing I am filling that took me off course. I am paying attention. I am not adjusting my direction just yet. This may be the path to take. 

Just when everything is going right, something unexpected happens. When it is good, this may be a result of relaxing our insistence, our worry, our frustration and our fear. It may be our spirit opening up to the love and good karma others want to share. This is the crossroad that is difficult for many, where new doubt enters, where indecision comes in. We question, we wonder, we mistrust. Everything was going so well. Why now? Why this? And when we start doubting we deflect away what blessings were on their way. 

What if we don't? What if we don't question it and see where this detour takes us? What if we enjoy the alternate path? What if in doing so we find a new way altogether? Today is a good day to be thankful for how good everything was going and how it brought us to this point, to be open to the unexpected, to trust Spirit and the gifts we receive. Today is a good day to accept more good into our lives. 

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