Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drop it

I admit it. I was struggling. I was struggling to write. I have deadlines for four different projects and I was struggling. I wanted to do it. I was determined. I was focused. I put the pressure on. I must do this! I brewed coffee, sat my butt down, logged out of Facebook, ignored my phone. The clock pushed forward and I made no headway. I still struggled. So I dropped it. 

I went for a walk. I decided not to write. I walked, then I meditated, then I picked up a book to read. After yoga I took a long shower and then watched a show online. I finally went to bed. I dropped the whole deal–the outlines, the word counts, the rewrites, the synopses, the 500-words due. I also dropped my sense of urgency, my doubt, my worry, my self-imposed pressure. 

Dropping it allowed me to reconnect to the reasons I write, to the gratitude in my heart for the life I have, to the fun waiting to be played with. I got a renewed sense of direction, a reignited creative spirit and fresh insight. All is well. I flow. 

Today is a new day and my deadlines still loom, but I am confident...and I am writing. Today there's no struggle. The obstacles, the pessimism, the worry, the doubt and the anxiety were only my thoughts. Dropping it meant dropping those thoughts, distancing myself from them enough to receive guidance, wisdom and inspiration. Today is a good day for you to drop it too. Drop the struggle. Flow.

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