Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't look down

I bet that if we were on a high wire or on a balcony off a 50-story building and I said don't look down, you would. It's our habit. We have a habit of thinking and speaking about that which we don't want in our lives. We worry about being paid on time and we think I bet they won't have my check ready. We want to get to work on time and we think about morning traffic. We want to enjoy the movies, but we think about the long line at the ticket counter. We want prosperity, but we grumble about the cost of everything. We want to be healthy, yet me complain about our bodies. 

When my son is in a bad mood, I tell him not to think about surfing. Sure enough, he does. He imagines himself at the beach, riding waves. Soon after he has a new outlook on whatever he was bothered by. This gives him a chance to reframe his thoughts and affect his attitude. We create our experiences through the thoughts we hold. This is why companies spend so much money on advertising. They want us to keep them in the forefront of our minds. Don't think Coca-Cola. You just did. 

If we want to change our daily experience, we need to change the way we express ourselves. What we focus on is what we create, what we endure, what we enjoy or suffer through. Instead of thinking about the nasty weather, the rudeness of customer service personnel, our bad luck, the price of gas and other complaints we have throughout our day, let's focus on what we can bring. Let's bring a positive energy everywhere we go, let's conceive that we receive what we need, let's express our gratitude, let's change the tone of our rhetoric. 

The Universe is listening and expands on what we focus on. If we complain, it will continue to give us reasons to complain. If we are thankful, it will continue to give us reasons to be thankful. We are loved and protected, if we think so. 

Today, don't think about how lucky you are, don't be thankful for your abilities, don't appreciate your friends, don't enjoy abundance. More importantly, whatever you do, don't look up and smile. 

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